Monday, February 20, 2012

Seeker's Sigil

This experiment worked out really well for me, so I thought I would share it (as well as the results!)

About two weeks ago, I channeled the above sigil / seal. I call it "The Seeker's Sigil," and its purpose is to bring "light" (wisdom) specifically wisdom of a spiritual, enlightening, revelatory nature. After making the design fully physical as a three dimensional, talismanic object (thereby giving it more "reality" to my mind, a factor I find important when it comes to channeling intent) I set it in a sacred place in the household and let it do its magic.

All of these books came to me either by gift or for about fifty cents per copy from a thrift store (with the exception of a few, and most of those I purchased came from one visit to one thrift store.) Admittedly, I picked up Liber Kaos and Liber Al Vegis on Amazon, because they were suddenly drastically discounted. Not pictured is one book I was allowed to borrow and have since read and given back (The Craft and it's Symbols, a book concerning the symbolism of Freemasonry.)

That's a lot of books! Some of these I've been curious about for quite some time (Spiral Dance, Missing Time, etc.) Others I have never heard of before but, like The Encyclopedia of Ancient and Forbidden Wisdom, I'm finding them to be incredibly fascinating!

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